Reggie Parker


‚ÄčI am an amateur comedian in the D.C. area. Most of my experience is open mic comedy.

Digital Tripping

Virtual reality headsets are currently being developed for retail sale in the video game industry. The Oculus Rift is probably the most hyped wearable tech that can fit the budget of the desired gaming consumer. The application of an immersive virtual world can potentially revolutionize gaming forever, however the average American is not a gamer. Virtual reality headsets may be currently marketed to the gaming community but I truly believe non gaming applications will catch on. Watching movies in virtual theaters, exploring the streets of a far off place, looking up into the night sky without light pollution(all while still in the comfort of your own home) these will be the things that catch on. And with any medium of entertainmentthey catches on there will be a subculture that arises. Let's cut the bullshit I'm talking about drugs. In the jazz age of the 1920's people got high and listened to records and the newly conceived radio. Same thing for television in the 1950's. And when the internet blew up damn right drugs were a factor look at Nyan Cat. I guess my main argument is that no matter what the medium is there will be people that smoke pot, do shrooms, or whatever your drug of choice is and interact with it. How awesome would it be to get stoned and fire up a digital simulation of the moon. The more immersive and realistic these experiences get the more fascinating the interaction between man, technology, and sweet sweet drugs will be. Just saying