Reggie Parker


‚ÄčI am an amateur comedian in the D.C. area. Most of my experience is open mic comedy.

Twitter and Writing

     I signed up for twitter years ago. My account has been pretty much neglected since the day I created it. The only time I used it was when buddies came down from New Jersey. However recent developments have gotten me back to "tweeting" and its really helped my comedy. Twitter conversations with local artists has pushed me to write more material. It's an inspiration to interact with people trying to find their niche in society.

      Recently I moved out of a group house off Connecticut Avenue, and I'm searching for the humor in my former living conditions. One joke I'm working on plays off a combination of two former roommates into one cohesive character. The ladies I reference were straight up hipsters and I use some of their quirkier aspects in a joke about the D.C. hipster lifestyle. Two events that stuck out were when one roommate used some of my things to grow organic vegetables in, and when another used reading glasses with no actual lenses in them. The absurdity of both events hopefully will help me form a solid joke, but it comes down to writing and delivery

I'm very excited to keep performing in the city. Thanks for checking out