Reggie Parker


‚ÄčI am an amateur comedian in the D.C. area. Most of my experience is open mic comedy.

Social Police

What I like about comedy is how expressive it allows the comic to be. My favorite comedians are able to impart their own personal philosophies in their acts. I especially love 'dirty' comics. Some of my personal favorites are Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, Patrice O'Neal, and Daniel Tosh. These gentleman show how 'dirty' comedy is an art form. Their jokes are highly descriptive and can veer into vulgar without losing comedic integrity. However the growing social policing may make it near impossible for these guys to practice their art. Mainstream society seems to have knee jerk reactions to anything edgy/politically incorrect. Some recent examples (I understand these are not in the context of a comedy show)are Phil Robertson of duck dynasty getting in trouble for homophobic remarks, Steve Martin catching shit for 'racist' tweets, and that Justine Sacco lady getting fired for her 'racist' tweet about aids. I understand that these moments (and in some cases long standing beliefs) may be unpopular opinions and anything one says can be scrutinized, but come the fuck on. We will create a society that may not have legalized censorship, but censorship by mob rule if we fire everyone that says something dumb. There are instances when people should be reprimended, but these different opinions can be debated rather than cost people the ability to make a living. Phil Robertson may have disparaging things to say about homosexuals, but he is an old white guy from the south that America has made rich and famous for being a "red neck". Why are we shocked that he holds super conservative 'Christian' opinions about gays. He said some dumb shit but he's entitled to be dumb. We should take stock of it and act accordingly, but he shouldn't have been suspended considering A LOT of Americans hold his view. Steve Martin clearly did not mean to offend blacks he was joking. Key word there is joking. He's a comic and had made tons of money being funny. If you think a tweet about black vernacular is racist than I want to retroactively complain about Bringing Down the House, which by these standards I'll argue is a hate crime. And the I don't have aids because I'm white lady Justine Sacco . She should have been smarter because she works in public relations. However I think a skilled comic maybe could have made that joke work. Was it fucked up? Uninformed? Stupid? Yes, but the sarcasm should have been clear. I'm not defending anyone's opinion but fuck you should be allowed to have a dumb opinion. It's my job as an informed citizen to call you out and attempt to educate your dumb ass, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to make a living anymore. Otherwise we really do run the danger of making a fearful society where we take away or own first amendment rights instead of some government entity.