Reggie Parker


‚ÄčI am an amateur comedian in the D.C. area. Most of my experience is open mic comedy.

Good Try

Well I moved to Portland for about two months and had to tap out. It was a good try. For a man with very few prospects out there I had a good time. Sometimes you have to get your ego checked and I got checked in one of the most entertaining experiences of my life.
In that time short amount of time I lived with a just slightly racist redneck with a heart of gold. She taught me the meaning of friendship and what happens when you don't pay your rent and your last resort is to rent a room to a black guy even though you don't quite trust 'The Blacks'. Then there was the time I worked for the worst dive bar in Portland the Grand Cafe/Andrea's Cha Cha club. More of a scam to get you to bring your friends into a failing bar than a paying job, but hey everyone has there business models. Oh and then there was the time I got paid 50 bucks to be a stock photography model. So technically wearing a bad suit and making a thumbs up sign next to a diverse cast of other miscreants makes me a professional model. So suck it.
The best night was definitely camping in the woods and going to the beach Memorial Day weekend. It's beautiful out there. Goodbye Portland, Oregon you beautiful hippie paradise.